Ready to wear specialist appealing to glamorously unique women

The ever revolving world of fashion has led many designers to have to rethink their approach for fear of turning irrelevant, but not this one. Rosso Menta, a ready to wear and hat specialist based in the Florentine outskirts of Campi Bisenzio, Italy, has years of experience perfecting the craft of fashion manufacturing, to the point that going out of style isn’t even an option.

Since launching, Rosso Menta has been working tirelessly to produce the finest hats and clothing, moving with remarkable pace from inspiration to execution. Always keen on using nature as the muse of its collections, the brand finds constant inspirations in the countryside between Lucca and Pisa, as well as in the enchanting Gherardesca lake. Rosso Menta focuses on joy and simplicity – two essentials of life – and strives to appeal to more than just the avid fashionista, but rather to open the gateway of style to the enthusiastic consumer, that may otherwise be too afraid to dip their toe in. The brand knows what an important addition good accessories are to any wardrobe, and they’re here to help you find your favorite.

Color and embellishment are used to elevate closet staples into something that feels ethereal, almost whimsical. A long sheer dress is upgraded with modern leather belts, while white lines blouses are adorned with vibrant topstitching, embellishments on cuffs, and lapels. Looking beyond simple fashion trends, Rosso Menta taps into the vitality of Italian romanticism, making garments that feel both wearable and timeless. With all that said, the true staple of the collection remains the multitude of hats, creatively crafted in all shapes and materials.

From Linen, to Giorgette, to Cotton, and all the way to Straw, or elegant and sophisticated Sisal, hats are more than an accessory. Rosso Menta knows a good hat has the potential to be the focal point of a wardrobe. The collection gives a multitude of options; with various sized floral prints, shades of pink and tobacco, touches of yellow, or aqua green and even then orange in a decisive combination with navy blue, royal and beige. There’s no outfit you can’t find a match for.

In their latest collection, Rosso Menta strikes a balance between the more whimsical elements of the collection and the classic glamour that has earned them a constant spot at the top of every fashionista’s wishlist, all over the world. Whether you’re more drawn to an easy-to-wear cotton and taffeta fabric, or yearn for more luxurious and elite fabrics, you can breathe a sigh of relief – Rosso Menta can cater to you. They know each woman is both an everywoman, on the go, as well as a glamorous goddess when she wants to be. Different people with differing interests, body types, and personalities can find themselves within Rosso Menta’s aesthetic, making it their own. After all, according to the brand themselves, isn’t that the whole meaning of being fashionable?