A unique interpretation of the classic leather jacket designed for visionary women

RONCARATI is a collection for contemporary women who are accustomed to accessing multiple online platforms for all their fashion needs. The RONCARATI woman has an avant-garde approach — she’s curious and attentive to shifts in fashion and international trends. She regularly consults websites, surfs to compare pricing, and uses multiple resources and platforms for all her shopping needs. Designed for younger women who integrate technology, read fashion blogs to keep up to date on the latest styles, research products, and pricing before they make a purchase. RONCARATI’s production is guaranteed to provide high quality clothing that gives clients the added benefit of offering the refined and classy products they have come to expect from Made in Italy ready to wear.

For RONCARATI the use of leather is not just that of an accessory, it’s a total look. Used throughout the collection, leather best defines the brand and the label’s appreciation for this supple and versatile raw material. In the hands of skilled and superior workmanship, it highlights the quality of the laboratory where all of the company’s products are developed. True to Italy’s tradition of creating beautiful outerwear that’s functional and incredibly seductive, RONCARATI offers sheepskin furs, which it elegantly pairs with fabrics to provide a range of alternatives on the classic leather jacket. With different shapes and themes to choose from, this classic must have is one of RONCARATI’s best selling items.

Innovation and material are also a big focus. Committed to applying biological and natural concepts to market research, the company is able to consistently pursue updated styles that are rich in details and workmanship. With the added benefit of research and development, the RONCARATI collection offers a combination of design, art, and impeccable merchandising, that’s perfectly tuned in to their client base and their needs. RONCARATI is not just about selling a product. The company’s mission is driven by an innate search for taste and a passionate vision of what leather can do when it's transformed and shaped into something that’s instantly identifiable and soft to the touch.

Ultimately, it’s the Made in Italy label that distinguishes every item offered, and every aspect of the RONCARATI collection. The refined uniqueness so visible in every design is made possible thanks to an approach and strategy that is focused on intercepting trends that anticipate the demands of fashion conscious women all over the world. By refining research and closely observing purchasing patterns in a niche market that’s defined by curiosity, hypersensitive awareness of evolutionary styles, RONCARATI is perfectly tuned in and able to address contemporary demands.

The core of the collection is notable for its sexy fierceness and originality. The dressy lines play on volumes, and the use of contrasting colors and materials. In addition to the reversible and customizable garments, which are known for their soft and snug fit, and versatility. Ideally suited to every occasion, RONCARATI’s outerwear is Made in Italy with the attention to detail generally reserved for haute couture.