State-of-the-art handbags appealing to independent women for over forty years

Based in Castel Maggiore, a few miles from Bologna, in the fertile region of Reggio Emilia, Roberta Gandolfi has been designing and producing fine handbags for 40 years. Named after its founder, who defines herself as “a young soul capable of understanding the styles today’s women need”, Roberta Gandolfi has used her rich experience, savoir faire, and Made in Italy expertise, to change the identity of handbags’ aesthetic and functionality. More specifically, she has contributed to transforming a mere purse from a container of objects to a “thing of beauty”.

Characterized as items of great appeal and a strong personality, Roberta Gandolfi handbags are to be enjoyed as one would a journey through the senses. The experience is tantamount to kismet — the sensorial effect of handling the tactile materials and rich leathers is a love match Made in Italy. In a country rich in natural materials, impeccable craftsmen and women and centuries of exposure to beauty, the details in a Roberta Gandolfi bag are developed and matched to make each style in the offering unique. They are not replicable, enriching a woman’s personality, revealing something about her which makes her feel at ease and irresistible.

The designs are dynamic, elegant, and refined. Conceived for independent women who know what they want and who they are. Choosing a Roberta Gandolfi bag has purpose — to complement a look with a subtle and emotional experience that will make all the difference. Roberta Gandolfi‘s designs meet the needs of the most demanding women. The company’s developing expertise in creating handbags and accessories can be traced back three generations, with each woman passing on authentic values over to the next generation in the art of making accessories through determination, style and the pursuit of quality.

Roberta and Silvia Gandolfi, the sole proprietors of the brand, are the heirs and custodians of this passion, defined by strong character and feel for sensuality, to impart each bag and woman who wears it with the ability to stand out in the name of superior design and an appreciation for feminine details. A broad range of leather options, fabrics and materials, are all carefully selected at HQ to create designs that reflect a rediscovered femininity comparable to the most internationally recognized brand names. Refined and seductive, Roberta Gandolfi is everything one would expect from Made in Italy’s tradition for impeccable quality and superior design.

Each bag is the result of a lengthy creative and function process, and enriched with stylish details. To make valuable, top quality products, Roberta Gandolfi’s manufacturing process includes hand crafted finishes, embellished by the application of charms and decorations. The artisanal know-how is what makes each bag unique and special. Versatile and durable, a Roberta Gandolfi design is ideal for any occasion. As an Italian excellence connoisseur, Roberta Gandolfi has won multiple prizes in her field. Available throughout Italy and Europe, in the US and Russia, as well as the Far East, Roberta Gandolfi’s creations are the accomplices to universal femininity, conveying subtle emotions a woman can enjoy every moment.