When a fairy tale becomes a t-shirt collection

The idea behind Ranpollo took shape in 2012, when two friends from Pavia who shared a love of fashion and streetwear, decided to team up to create a brand that would give them total artistic freedom. Their aim was to come up with a new concept for a t-shirt brand, and increase the impact by creating a logo with an easily accessible emotional pull and an original approach to branding. Their thinking and brand philosophy had to be outside the box. Once the two friends identified a storyline they liked, they set about reinterpreting and adapting it to challenge and introduce an unexpected and far more contemporary take on a world famous children’s classic.

In Ranpollo’s version the tale of the princess and the frog does not follow the commonly known storyline. The duo behind the brand, see their interpretation as giving the fairytale a contemporary, and exhibitionist flair. In their version they imagine the tale of the Frog being transformed into a man after being kissed by a wonderful girl, not as the prince who swears undying love to her, but rather as someone who chooses to renounce eternal love, making a run for it instead. The story continues as the man drives off in his sports car to join his dear friend Gallo, who is the keeper of the castle. When the two unite one of the potential outcomes is Ranpollo. This is the basic idea, but the outcome is open-ended, meaning that — “it’s up to you to find out!”

This is the idea behind the brand story that’s meant to have a dual interpretation — purposely ironic and light-hearted, poking fun at conventional narrative, and determined not to take itself too seriously. The Pavese brand behind Ranpollo is committed to focusing on bringing to market high quality t-shirts that reflect the beauty of their country and are all entirely produced with pride in Italy. Made with 100% flamed cotton fabric, the t-shirts are designed and fitted to flatter the silhouette, and convey an image that speaks to character and sensuality. The project is a work in progress, which continues to grow with the same enthusiasm and dedication and storytelling passion that energized the concept from the beginning.

With a range of characters that include iconic Walt Disney cartoons, public figures and Hollywood stars, all revisited in a modern and ironic key by the brand. Conceived to borrow and reinterpret universally known subjects, Ranpollo prides itself on creating inspirational t-shirts with a chameleonic look and style that pushes the envelope and prods the assumptions of the all fashion victims out there.

For that very reason, Ranpollo has come up with a password — Fashion Poet, a fascinating story (in a modern key) with a twist. The t-shirts are available in short and long sleeve versions. Ranpollo also offers decorated knitwear, made in wool and polyester to ensure maximum comfort and fit. Additional total look options complete Ranpollo’s original offering and are all available on the company’s social media platforms.