Ready to wear collection exuding comfort and luxury

Queen e was created to dress women of all ages in clothes that can make them feel free and at ease on any occasion, confident in the label’s simple appeal and charm. This so-called “simply elegant” concept was devised by Elisabetta Reale, who in 2012 came up with the idea as a way to provide customers with the opportunity to choose from hundreds of colors, a wide range of models, by offering designs that are versatile and transition easily from day to evening.

The styles that are presented every season follow a "no size and no age" philosophy that’s conceived to fit each person perfectly. The dresses as well as the jackets, blouses, pants, skirts, tops, swimsuits and sarongs are all versatile and can be easily styled using accessories, with the added benefit of providing customers with the option of choosing from 1000 colors. Even the fabrics used in the collection reflect the joy of easy dressing and living. Each item requires minimal upkeep. Ideal for the Queen e woman, who is modern, practical, and feminine — she leads an active and busy lifestyle, which requires clothes that are versatile and can be used on multiple occasions.

Each garment is practical, made in fabrics that take up minimal space in a suitcase, that don’t wrinkle, require no ironing and can be washed and dried in record time. All the efficiency in the Queen e line takes nothing away from femininity, since every item combines a flattering silhouette with fabrics that are designed to enhance any body type.

Queen e, like the other well known Neapolitan brand, Posillipo Cashmere, is owned by Macom SaS by Franco Boccalatte & C. The pride of their Made in Italy adventure was launched as a way of giving continuity to the projects started by the Boccalatte family in the 1950s. At the time it was Mrs. Giuseppina who sewed each garment, and actively collaborated in establishing the family’s reputation as the best shirt makers in the region. With exquisite fabrics, purchased by Giuseppina’s husband, Alberto, and made exclusively in her tailor shop, each shirt and garment supplied quality products to the city’s upper middle class. High profile Neapolitan as well as foreign customers relied on the Boccalatte family for their tailored shirts and pajamas.

In 1960, when Franco Boccalatte completed his studies and returned from Switzerland, the company was renamed as Confezioni Industria Boccalatte, and began to mass produce the CIB brand of pajamas, dressing gowns, chamber jackets and nightgowns. Buoyed by their success, the Boccalatte family expanded their range of products to include men's underwear and shirts, which was followed by a beachwear collection in 1988, and a knitwear line in 2000. Finally in 2012, husband and wife, Alberto and Elisabetta teamed up to create Queen e, a line of women's clothing in stretch fabrics in a wide range of customizable models in over 1000 colors. This line is Made in Italy at its best, innovative and quality conscious, designed specifically to address every client’s needs.