Mastering the art of handcrafting women ballet flats

Prosperine is a company with a long artisan history and heritage handed down from father to sons. Based in Tuscany, in the small town of Subbiano, near Arezzo, in the heart of fine leathers and legendary craftsmanship, Prosperine has been making ballet flats and women’s high heel shoes since the 1970s. Today, the company continues to make history by innovating and maintaining the value of their handmade product through a detailed production process that’s steeped in the tradition of Made in Italy’s excellence.

Originally founded by Giancarlo Cerofolini and Mirella Prosperini, their children Marco and Laura joined the company in the 1990s. In their roles overseeing the company’s commercial and marketing divisions, they have grown to become the soul of Prosperine. “We produce high range footwear for women and girls and are known for specializing in “sack” ballerina flats, a style that is always in high demand”. Their pride in their family’s legacy is what guarantees its continued growth and success.

The company organizes and executes the entire production process in-house, with the help of a few trusted subcontractors operating within 20 km of Prosperine’s headquarters. In addition to the Prosperine women and girls’ footwear lines, the company also produces footwear for many top international luxury brands. Prosperine shoes are distributed throughout Italy and through a select network of retailers and wholesalers all over the world. The style office is engaged in the constant research, development, and study of new trends and materials. Known for the quality and elegance of the design, these ballet flats and pumps combine an artisan approach to craft exquisite products.

Every shoe is distinguished by its creative flair, sophistication, and expert details that give it a strong, elegant, and profoundly feminine identity. From the best fabrics, to the finest leathers, Prosperine creates ballet pumps with a unique and distinctive style. The ideal shoe for women who love to feel comfortable without giving up on a high-quality product, the Prosperine ballet pumps respond to every woman and girl’s needs as well as addressing changes in a growing industry. A market leader in Italy, Prosperine has quickly become a beacon in its industry, exporting its creations all over the world as well as partnering with many international brands to produce and supply their markets with high quality shoes all Made in Italy.

At Prosperine, craftsmanship and innovation combine to express a real passion for beautiful design. The same passion is also focused on trends and implementing detailed alterations to consistently renew and innovate the offering. The result is an original product that is always in step with the times. Ideal for spring and summer, Prosperine is the ballet pumps you've always dreamed of. A perfect combination of tradition, high quality and modernity, have made Prosperine a leader in the Italian market and one of the stars of Made in Italy. With an outlet in Subbiano and 50 percent of its production exported all over the world, this family run company is a legend in the making.