7758 Samantha Alce Stampato - Magenta


7758 Samantha Alce Stampato - Magenta

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Height without handle: 14cm/5,5in
Height with handle: 19cm/7,5in
Width: 22cm/8,7in
Depth: 7,5cm/3in
Handle drop: 4cm/1,6in
Min/Max shoulder strapdrop: 53cm/20,9in
Weight: 0,3kg/0,7lb
Handle: Yes
Crossbody: Yes

SAMANTHA bag, hand held and with cord shoulder strap; with one compartment closed by metal zipper, inside pocket with flap.
Interior in ecological lining made from Apple.

The name recalls the first Italian woman to go into space (Samantha Cristoforetti), inspired by the movement, also understood as VOLO
(flight), the imaginary and real space navigation, the future.
Comfortable to wear and spacious enough to put the necessary items (cell phone, credit cards, money, keys, lipstick).