Lavishly chic cashmere collection

Posillipo Cashmere takes its name from a residential district in Naples, which has a rich and storied history. Located along the Northern coast, the Greeks first named the rocky wooded height at the western end of the bay, Pausilypon, — translated as “respite from worry” or “break from sorrow”. The Romans loved the place too and there are still ruins of the Publio Vedio Pollione that would later become one of the villas of the Emperor Augustus.

During the Middle Ages a couple of stately monasteries were built on top the hill, and then, under Spanish rule some notable historical buildings were erected along the coast. At the beginning of the XIX century a coastal road was built from Mergellina harbor. To this day Posillipo is a charming area with breathtaking views. An inspiration to the founder of Posillipo who has collected joyful memories there, and ultimately decided to adopt the name for the knitwear company that produces garments with love, passion, and a commitment to Made in Italy craftsmanship.

Beauty and quality are company and family staples and part of a long tradition rooted in excellence. When working with cashmere, Posillipo had no choice but to source its prized fibers from the fine undercoat of the Hircus goat grazing in Mongolia. Hircus goats are wonderful animals living in a very hostile habitat, where they endure extremely cold winters and hot summers. Their capacity for insulation, specifically an undercoat of light and thin hairs, gives them unique characteristics that are comparable to sheep’s wool.

Their fibers are concentrated in a very small area, which helps cut down thermal osmosis. That’s why garments made from Hircus goats provide excellent insulation. In springtime the shepherds who look after Hircus goats cut the soft undercoat following an ancient procedure that doesn’t harm their beloved animals. From each goat they collect only 250gr of fibers per year, which, once deprived of thick external fibers, weighs only 100gr. The process is followed by meticulous quality and fact checks so only the best cashmere is sold and utilized for first-class production. At Posillipo, a company committed to making top quality garments, only the best will do. The cashmere wool they use is renowned for its fine texture, strength, lightness, and soft hand.

The company logo has two red hornlets shaped like the letter ‘L’. The hornlet is, no doubt, one of the most ancient Italian amulets. Its origins are very old and date back to the Neolitic age (3500 B.C.) when people used to have hanging animal horns on their huts as a sign of good omen and fertility. A symbol associated with good luck, horns are presumed to have been sacred to Isis, whose worship, originating in ancient Egypt, gradually extended throughout the lands of the Mediterranean world. Posillipo chose the gently twisted horn in homage to history, as an age-old symbol of good luck and prosperity.