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Luxury knits with a timeless style

In 1960 Alfredino Maurelli launched his brand, Portofinopiazzetta, named after the iconic square in Portofino, an charming fishing village overlooking the Ligurian sea. A coveted destination, Portofino has always attracted jet setters, movie stars, high society, boating aficionados, and anyone who appreciates the beauty this Italian seaside jewel has to offer. Nestled in an alcove on the terraced hills of the Italian Riviera, Portofino is a Unesco World Heritage Site.

A long time patron, Alfredino Maurelli would spend his weekends there, and over time began producing cashmere knits for his friends. As so often happens in Italy, his business grew by word of mouth. Lifestyle played a part too. The summers in Liguria are hot and sunny during the day, with cooler, breezier weather in the morning and evening. Ideal for the properties of cashmere, which as a natural fiber has isothermal qualities to keep the body warm, while providing a soft, seductive feel that’s light and pleasant to the touch. Alfredino Maurelli knew he had found his calling.

As his knitwear production grew, so did his expertise. By 1972, bolstered by the advances in innovation, he increased the color range and selected patterns in his offering of 100 % cashmere knits, and began to collaborate with several prestigious American brands. His partners across the ocean quickly came to recognize the quality and craftsmanship of this unique, Made in Italy company, ever attentive to tradition, trends and the importance of fit, contributing to its incremental success. Claudio Testa joined the company in 1982, bringing with him his expertise from Loro Piana, the biggest purveyor of finest cashmere in the world, as well as his experience in developing finished goods and bespoke menswear, that include coats, trousers, shirts and knitwear.

Together they opened ‘Dinghy’, a small luxury shop right in the Piazzetta (small square) of Portofino, which attracts an international and refined clientele. Throughout the 90s and early 2000s, as the brand’s reputation grew, Portofinopiazzetta began to export its products overseas. The quality and appeal of the menswear offer is distributed throughout an international channel of exclusive boutiques, which helped establish Portofinopiazzetta as a sought after brand. In 2019 Claudio Testa officially took the reigns and Portofinopiazzetta expanded its offering to include hand crafted, innovative clothing, all Made in Italy to the exacting standards of impeccable tailoring.

Primarily known for its knitwear, Portofinopiazzatta offers a wide range of styles, from crew to v necks, to buttoned vests, cardigans, scarves and hats, in elegant colors that pair easily with a sports jacket or under a more sporty pea coat — another brand staple. With a range of jackets and shirts to choose from, Portofinopiazzetta is a one-stop shop for men who appreciate quality, comfort, and fit. Throughout its 50 year legacy, the experience and love that goes into each product has guaranteed the longevity and appreciation for this brand’s handcrafted and innovative clothing.