A timeless love affair with Tuscany

The PHO Firenze universe is forever linked to the tastes, culture, and long sought-after, romantic villages of Tuscany. Noble traditions born of the landscape from which designer Monica Ventisette and Sales Manager Michela Papucci find creative inspiration for their sensual and versatile brand, PHO Firenze. Recognizable to many, PHO Firenze stands as an emblem of the Made in Italy lifestyle. Popular among modern Tuscan women, the brand’s virtuoso is deeply rooted in the brilliance of the fertile and intoxicating Tuscan landscape.

For designer Monica Ventisette, quality control and design inspiration go hand in hand when developing a collection. Monica is involved in every step, interpreting artistic tastes and fashion trends, successfully enabling PHO Firenze to reinvent itself along the way while maintaining sustainable production practices and expertise. Michela graduated from the Polimoda school of fashion located in Florence. Founded in 1986 as a joint project of the cities of Florence and Prato, and the Fashion Institute of Technology of New York, the Polimoda school is a member of the International Foundation of Fashion Technology Institutes. With her immersive studies and extensive sales and branding experience, Michela brings PHO Firenze to life with her unwavering attention to today’s fashion trends.

Made by women for women, PHO Florence leads with luxurious feminine designs that seem to capture intimate moments, as unique as each woman who steps inside its totem. A style that beckons, an unspoken sensuality that needs no words, tailored in classic femininity. An Italy awakened by the modern woman from a long hibernation, PHO Firenze channels each shared magical moment with its wearer. An illustration of authenticity and timeless seductiveness. The PHO Firenze collections proudly speak to the brand’s Italian heritage; each piece is a testament to its strength of character and passionate manifestation of all that is good and full of life.

An extension of a woman’s zest and desire for life. From the elegant Italian Riviera that originates from Liguria, to the pure Sicilian Tropic that draws its heat from endless summer days and beckoning summer nights. A new summer: a life that speaks of sun, sea, rebirth. Or perhaps, the Italian Baroque narrative of all that is Campania and its wonders, down to the elegant Mediterranean verve and all its charms. The aesthetic is confident and sensual, with a mix of art and culture in every piece that would look at home anywhere it wants to be. This isn’t Italian opulence or rustic charm, it’s laid-back cool done exceptionally well. PHO Firenze is Made in Italy down to the last detail.

Blue, turquoise, coral and for the first time black. Intricate lace, and flowing lines, off-should flirtations, and flattering cuts for the modern seductress. PHO Firenze emulates sensuality and sophistication, vivacity and mystery. The brand wraps its woman in a warm and confident embrace, powerful in its acute femininity. Fashion was not just born to dress; it was born to communicate. PHO Firenze was born to communicate the mantra that is: We are Made in Italy.