Purely Italian luxury cashmere collection

The history of this storied family business begins in the early 1800s, when the Galatioto Rosso Family, Sicilian aristocrats with ancient roots, had a fleet of ships in the port of Catania that carried Sicilian citrus fruits, fabrics from England and precious silks and purple dyes from the Middle East, throughout the Mediterranean, to North Africa, and all the way to England, Holland, Germany and Russia. In 1917, Baron Francesco Galatioto found himself in Moscow when the Russian Revolution broke out. He daringly fought his way back to Sicily. Over the years the family’s passion for beautiful textiles and clothing deepened. They eventually moved to Milan in 1930 and opened a small manual weaving laboratory and began making lingerie.

After enlisting in WWII, surviving unharmed, returning to Sicily and then making his way back to Milan, Baron Galatioto took over the business and officially registered the company in 1947. By the 1950s he was exporting all over Europe and had more than 1,000 employees and hundreds of industrial machines. As Italy recovered and the economic growth of the 1960s brought greater wealth and purchasing power, the appetite for knitwear increased. Together with his wife Mariuccia, Carmelo Galatioto opened a small knitwear workshop in Milan in Corso Como No. 10, which would eventually become the center of Milanese nightlife and fashion, and the site of the eponymous clothing store.

As the global knitwear market grew, Carmelo and Mariuccia would eventually settle permanently in Perugia, the capital of the Umbria region, with their son Francesco. Shortly after Maglificio GALASSIA S.R.L. was founded, in 1965. The company’s reputation for exquisite Made in Italy knitwear gained an international following. Their style and quality did not go unnoticed. Important partnerships were established with high fashion brands, producing and distributing knitwear, developing exclusive licenses for Trussardi, Gian Marco Venturi, Gianfranco Ferré and many more.

By the 80’s and 90’s, when the next generation had taken over, important contracts were signed with Nazareno Gabrielli, Fendi, S.T. Dupont, Dunhill and even Gianni Versace with whom Francesco and his wife, designer and product manager Laura Galatioto, created a vanguard knitwear style which enjoyed worldwide distribution. Finally, in 2000, with a wealth of experience and success, management decided to trademark Pashmere, a brand entirely Made in Italy, that would create products in house, in Umbria. Supported by long standing collaborations with the finest Italian suppliers of cashmere yarn, Cariaggi and Loro Piana, they were guaranteed the best possible quality from the best raw materials.

Pashmere’s exclusive products are designed for men and women who want to brighten and refresh their look with refined knitwear that’s both unique and innovative. These high quality knits are ideal for casual and more formal occasions, with details and finishes that include mottling, coatings, laminating, inlays, jacquard, and natural dyes. Pashmere’s commitment to research and development is highlighted in the exclusive effects and the wide range of unique styles that are always on trend. With worldwide distribution, Pashmere patrons carry the family’s legacy and tradition to quality conscious customers all over the world.