Luxury shoe brand that encompasses modern style with traditional craftsmanship

Made in Italy and handcrafted for all-day wear, Pas de Rouge shoes were developed to highlight an authentic manufacturing process called ‘sacchetto’ (lasting slip), an Italian traditional technique, which the company reinterpreted in a fresh take and a modern and feminine design. Pas de Rouge offers this unique style, which weighs a mere 150 grams, in a shoe that seduces the eye and enchants the foot, for its elegance, lightness, and the sexy slenderness of its heel. Every Pas de Rouge shoe is created by combining at least 60 elemental pieces in an original rendition of classic shoemaking paired with the latest generation of high tech materials.

The heart of the manufacturing process is in the preparation of the ‘sacchetto’, which, after being carefully cut and shaped, requires sewing the lining and the insole to the upper wall, to create the sack. It’s likened to the process of making a tailor-made suit. This intricate process creates a flexible architecture that emphasizes the hide’s natural qualities of softness and 
resistance. This is the secret to a fit that supports and welcomes the foot. Pas de Rouge shoes are made lighter by eliminating all the material’s stiffness, with every detail studied, and designed for the wellbeing of the wearer.

Pas de Rouge was created at the Gritti Footwear factory, which was established in Fossò, near Venice in 1984. Longtime producers of men’s footwear, Zampieri and his partner, Penazzato launched the brand Pas de Rouge in 2006. The collection of simple designs with a bold personality, unrivalled in terms of comfort and practical lightweight sole, was an instant success. Pas de Rouge is the definition of a comfortable soul. Each pair represents the tradition of shoe manufacturing, experience, and a high level of craftsmanship combined with raw materials that have been carefully studied to guarantee lightweight shoes with a perfect fit.

The slip-lasting production process gives excellent results, mixing modernity and tradition, in which technique and experience merge to create a product that charms the foot. Being able to wear stunning shoes that are not a source of discomfort throughout the day is probably one of the most common wishes of women everywhere. If they only knew that, for more than 10 years, Pas de Rouge has been hard at work studying all the technical details needed to make their wish come true. Light components and a unique slip-lasting production method, not to mention the company’s tireless research, is the secret recipe to the company’s success.

The lightest shoe on the market, Pas de Rouge is distributed throughout Italy, the EU, Russia, Canada, and the United States, as well as in China, Japan, and Australia. Not limited to shoes, the Gritti Footwear factory’s ethical approach is supported by a commitment to sustainability and transparency throughout the production site which includes the assembly lines, raw material and finished product warehouses, all of them being in full compliance with the most recent standards of energy saving and limited environmental impact.