Sport and fashionable hats, made of ultralight felt

A historic brand, founded in 1879, Panizza is the symbol of excellence in Italian hat making. Today, the continued success of the brand is based on the pursuit of uncompromising quality, technical skills, and a passionate commitment to Made in Italy craftsmanship. Panizza hats are small jewels of Italian expertise which travel around the globe. Just as is true for the masterpieces of high-fashion ateliers, these fine creations are a work of art by master craftsmen who make each item by hand in the historic Tuscan town of Montevarchi.

In the words of a founding family member, Antonio Gamba, “A felt hat is different from any other article of clothing because it is made of one single piece which, in its initial, enlarged form rudimentarily resembling the finished hat, is gradually transformed into the perfect product which covers the wearer’s head.” Thanks to the brand’s proprietary felting process, Panizza’s felt has special characteristics which make it different from any other available on the market. It is made from the natural matting of wool or fur which is thickened through repeated water baths and drying giving it an ultra- compact consistency. The result, a non-woven fabric that can be shaped into hats which never lose their shape.

Panizza felt is denser, smoother, lighter, and more water resistant. Because of the material’s superior quality, the hats acquire longevity, softness, ability to maintain permanent shape, and resistance to warping. Panizza guarantees the quality and substitutability of all its products. The raw materials are carefully selected, certified by origin, and produced without the use of harmful materials. Select Panizza hats include the Chianti, 100% merino wool crushable felt with 140 gr. waterproof quality, made from one of the best performing materials, which gives the product a good waterproofness and warmth and is suitable for extreme situations.

Made of shaved rabbit fur with a scarf finish, the Amiata is a 100% crushable felt that is good to be folded back on itself and stashed in a pocket. On the contrary, the Valdarno, also constructed with 100% rabbit fur, is the most resistant felt, less delicate in the finish, and particularly suitable for sporting customers. Adding up to the complexity of the collection, the Crete is a new quality of felt developed by Panizza together with a historical supplier for an ever lighter, more malleable, and water-resistant hat.

Lastly, considered the cashmere of felts, Mugello is a 100% shaved beaver, renowned for its extreme softness, warmth, and high water resistant properties. No matter the style, each Panizza design carries the brand’s Jack Russell logo, representing the hat as a friend, just like a dog is a man’s most faithful companion. In addition, “Panizza” is written along with “Italia 1879” to symbolize the brand’s history and its connection with Made in Italy’s finest artisanal tradition.