An emerging brand in the beachwear sector, Vivarah was created by Eliana Di Martino, with a business idea derived from her university graduation thesis. From a teaching project to a fashion collection, Vivarah is a concrete demonstration that dreams can become reality with the right blush and a pinch of madness.

The inspiration for the brand is the designer’s vision of Vivarah, a woman-like goddess, standing amid a flowery garden where time stands still and magic accompanies every emotion. This vision allows the choice of bright fabrics, sartorial details, sometimes unusual shades inspired by the coasts of the mother island: Vivara. The collection is meant to be a bridge for women, overworked and worn out by routine, inviting them into her magical world to remind them of their abilities and of their value. It is a purposeful escape from an age of realism, technology and very fast times – an invitation to dream.

Creating and designing, and always on the lookout for new inspiration, Vivarah applies care and dedication to every single step of the design and production processes to ensure a product that is unique in style and quality. Our motto: “What is destined for you will find a way to reach you.”