Liverpool Shoes is an Italian company specialized in the production of women’s moccasins and VITTORIA MENGONI VENEZIA is its new brand. The company produces handmade moccasins, the ultimate flat shoe, which unites quality with the Italian fashion aesthetic. Liverpool’s foundation lies in creating veritable artisanal products, still following the techniques of antique master craftsmen. The company currently exports its shoe collections in over 30 countries worldwide.

The beginning of our company goes back round to the first half of 20th century, stemming from an artisan’s passion and creativity who loved hand-made shoes. In our factory the know-how is thoroughly treasured as it is a reflection of our regional territory itself, passed on from one generation to another. The entire production process is completed by hand; each pair of shoes assembled by master craftsmen. Over the years the “Vittoria Mengoni Venezia” brand was born, designed to meet women’s tastes using leather and accessories in the highest quality only.

The customer is the real protagonist in their story, and the shoes thus become personal and completely customizable. Customers can choose from different styles, customizing every part of the shoes, selecting materials, colors, lining and sole, with many combinations. Clients are guided through material and style selection according to their needs. We use only top quality standards in selecting our leathers and hides, and give attention to keeping rubber soles light. Our printed shoes and exclusive patterns also offer a unique look that simply can’t be replicated.

Vittoria Mengoni Venezia