Women's / Clothing / Accessories

At the base of our collections there is the attention to style and femininity, expertly mixed with a principle of elegance that proposes, without ever falling into excesses, in search of the true “magnetism” of the Woman. The Vezzo brand was born in 1998; this name reflected the idea of approaching a woman who was aware of her femininity with a word that had intrinsically the “flavor” of Made in Italy.

“RENAISSANCE” and “NATURAL”: just two words to describe the inspiration behind our new collection, inspiring us to travel across seas, the countryside, forests – to enjoy the colors of our planet, and then finally return to walk carelessly around our cities.

Following our philosophy to ensure the continuity of relations with customers, we have established our rules: QUALITY: an adequate quality control system is not a cost but an excellent investment; CONFORMITY: the production MUST observe the compliance rules with the shown sample; PUNCTUALITY: respect for delivery terms is essential.

Our Customers are specialized distributors in Made in Italy, small and medium chain stores, online cataloguers, all of them in search of the added value of Italian production. With the growth of our collection and the birth of the new line VEZZO FASHION LAB, today they are also selected boutiques in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Russia, USA as well as in various European countries.