Ventesima Strada is a young company but one with its culture firmly rooted in the traditions of the Montebelluna shoemaking industry. It is the product of an idea, or rather an ideal, the brainchild of Sante Poloni: a return to the style, design and traditional workmanship of the Montebelluna area. All of these elements were once the pride of the Montebelluna shoemaking district, but which were gradually disappearing. It is hard to express in just a few words the pride that we feel in taking on custodianship of the Montebelluna shoemaking tradition.

With a career spanning over 45 years in the shoemaking industry, Sante Poloni has always been fascinated - even as a small child - by the complexity of the workmanship carried out manually by true master shoemakers. The experience needed to execute such painstaking (but at the same time such refined) workmanship meant that shoes became authentic works of the craftsman’s art.

To reintroduce footwear exactly the same as it was 50 years ago would have been at the very least outdated. This led to the idea of combining the age - old working methods and their rigor with modern materials and the most recent advantages offered by technology. And so Ventesima Strada was born, with a mission to combine tradition and innovation to achieve absolute quality. This quality level is so high that is compels us to refuse any elements not made in Italy, and better still if made in Montebelluna!

ventesima strada