Red Foal is the outcome of an encounter and a great passion, which led to the merging of the ideas of four friends, who share a passion for horses. This is the starting point of Red Foal: women’s sneakers suitable for daily wear in an urban environment.

The result of a clean, creative design, the Red Foal sneakers also draw inspiration from a skillful homage to horse-riding boots and the classic sneakers of the seventies. Characterized for the use of top quality materials, Red Foal sneakers are rigorously and decidedly made in Italy.

Red Foal’s collections focus on increased sustainability – it is our goal to create a clean footwear line with a functional design and a memorable history. Our products are designed for women who live in the city, but dream of a life immersed in the countryside. They choose and combine garments with elegant savoir-faire.

red foal