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ABOUT PuntoVita & Arsenice
Paying homage to quality, craftsmanship, and impeccable materials, PuntoVita & Arsenice is the symbol of Tuscan leather artistry at its finest. PuntoVita & Arsenice brings 40 years of Tuscan experience in creating leather goods and leather accessories, to a charming selection that celebrates tradition, personality, and uniqueness. Established in the ’80 during a moment of revitalization of the leather industry, the company developed its own style through an ever-evolving know-how and commitment to craft.

PuntoVita & Arsenice is proud to have built their reputation on always taking the lead and following an expressive style that combines cutting edge techniques with traditional manufacturing. The designs are conceived as if they were created for being appreciated over time, stemming from an elegant vision that focuses on exclusivity, personality, and boldness. The entire creative production process is developed in the PuntoVita & Arsenice factory. This enables the brand to attain maximum creative control over the stylistic and technical processes, from finding the right leather thickness, to dyeing bespoke applications, to the finished product. The result is a collection of superlative handmade craftsmanship made entirely in Italy.

PuntoVita & Arsenice is the story of leather goods manufacturers, craftsmen and women specialized in creating leather bags, belts and accessories that are the expression of their everlasting love for tradition. We celebrate the artistry of historic craftsmanship, specifically the exquisite leather manufacturing able to create memorable items that are unique and inimitable, wear-resistant and eye-catching. Everything happens in-house guaranteeing consistent quality. Enthusiasm, determination, and spontaneous creativity characterize the mood of this Tuscan staple, with select items embellished with adornments like metal studs, exquisite colored beads, or seductive fringe that give life to a dialogue of cultural references.