Prosperine is a women’s and girls footwear company with a long tradition of craftsmanship handed down from father to sons. Born in Tuscany, Subbiano, near Arezzo, the company continues its history of innovating and maintaining the value of the product made by hand.

Since 1970 the footwear workshop founded by Giancarlo Cerofolini has become a company of the highest quality: where passion and experience have been handed down and shared with his children, Marco and Laura. The Cerofolini family is flanked by a large team of great professionals, who for over 50 years has shared its skills and carved a rich history of craftsmanship, experience and attention to every detail.

Prosperine reflects craftsmanship made of small gestures, combined with high quality items that are transformed into an unmistakable ‘made in Italy’ product. Craftsmanship and high quality are the principles that have always guided our team of professionals, and has led our company to work with the best Italian and international brands.