ABOUT Nicola Santarelli 1915
Santarelli Sartoria was founded on the principles of the handmade culture and the art of bespoke tailoring. With a passion for quality the atelier is comprised of 33 craftspeople that take care and pride in the handmade full canvas process. Garments are made over a 36 hour hand make process and our Made to Measure experience is done within 3 weeks from order confirmation. Artisanship is a hallmark of the brand. Because we are not an industrial brand, the term ‘not allowed’ isn’t something we employ. Clients have many choices to style to their taste, no matter the look.

The handmade process starts with each pattern individually chalked & cut by hand. Whereby great consideration is given to the fabric weight, pattern & tolerance. From there, over 200 steps are masterfully hand crafted to the final stages of buttonholes sewn by hand and careful quality control. Santarelli Sartoria offers complete ready-to-wear and made-to-measure, honoring bespoke tailoring requests within 4 weeks delivery. All fabrics are not alike. To ensure a perfect fit & feel, each pattern is chalked by hand specific to the fabric design, weight & tolerance. From over 50 lining color choices, all linings are cut and sewn by hand.
Buttonholes are made by hand using our signature low gauge thread to enable the pronounced keyhole design. The raised boutonniere is a signature design detail, instantly recognized as ours. The Santarelli family crest is hand embroidered and cross stitch sewn. It can be personalized for Made-to-Measure clients. If provided, we will also gladly address the store label inside.

Only using the finest fabrics and the best construction materials available to create a light and incredibly soft garment. The history of the family business dates back to 1915 in Bitonto, the Puglia region of Italy close to Adriatic Sea. The family’s roots were founded as purveyors of fine fabrics from all over Europe, but mostly Italy & England. Today the family Santarelli has quietly grown to an atelier of 33 tailors and they work exclusively with the finest merchants throughout the world. Nicola Santarelli is the 4th generation from the founding family members and takes great pride in the handmade culture of their namesake garment. The Santarelli family was originally a purveyor of fine fabrics, and today they work closely with the finest mills in the world to bring the best to their clientele, including the limited Loro Piana Zenit collection.

nicola santarelli