Marc point venezia

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Marc Point Venezia knitwear is one of the collections within the highly regarded Vulpinari company of Italy. Knitwear is always at the center of the Vulpinari universe which currently collaborates on the production and marketing the collections of: Rick Owens, Giambattista Valli , One Choi, Nicolò Ceschi Berrini, Jan & Carlos, Angelos Frentzos, Nicolas & Mark , Delphine Wilson, Lumen et Umbra by Issei Fujita. Vulpinari was born in 1930 as a family-owned and operated tailor’s workshop for men and managed by the founder Giuseppe Vulpinari until the late 60s.

Almost a century old, Vulpinari has gained a formidable expertise in its methods of productions, involved throughout every inside step of studying, sampling and prototyping. Its top-level network of outside sub-suppliers allows our brand to guarantee the highest quality collections – a value we have held dear since we first appeared on the market.

In the early 70s, the second generation – daughters Maria Gabriella and Paola, became involved in their inheritance, re-orienting the company’s strategy to focus on refined knitwear. The brand, Vuplinari, as we know it today, was born with stylish knitwear and jersey destined for the national market. Not long after in the 80s, Vulpinari made its international debut across Europe, the US and in Japan. New complementary product lines flanked the brand as well: ViaVerdi addressed a younger customer and Rabaya, a more niche collection. In the mid 90s, third generation custodian to the brand, Marco Vulpinari Golfieri, joined the company and led the brand to begin licensing collaborations with international fashion designers.

marc point venezia