Manuela Conti was born in the heart of Puglia where our country of Italy boasts a centuries-old manufacturing tradition. Our brand of Italian craftsmanship turns the finest fabrics into fashionable women’s outerwear. Manuela Conti’s products come to life in modern shapes and innovative fabrics, while bearing our signature Italian craftsmanship.

Our production processes are manifold, evolved from the ancient traditions of tailoring of that has stood the test of time. Each product is entirely designed, manufactured and packaged in Italy. Made in Italy is not just a brand or a label, but a true philosophy.

Our company it’s environmentally responsible and our fabrics are eco-friendly. We stick to environmental policies setting up to a genuinely sustainable supply chains to contribute to the economy of the future. The materials used don’t come from chemical agriculture and OGM, and our wools are still teaseled with the ancient technique of thistle flower, respecting both the environment that the skin of the person who wears our collection.

manuela conti