Romantic and glamour, feminine and comforting, distinctive without excess: since 2006, these concepts constantly inspired the identity of LILIMILL and drive the creation of our women’s shoe collections season after season.
LILIMILL is a single word made up of two parts: LILI is the diminutive of Liliana, the founder of the company while MILL has the meaning of a small workshop. The image evoked by the word LILIMILL is thus precisely that of a small atelier where the shoes are handcrafted, combining the excellence of the local tradition and the passion of the founder who, in 1974 together with her husband Alfredo Vespasiani, began to create women shoes in Marche region, one of the most important shoe districts in Italy.

Wearing LILIMILL does not simply mean wearing shoes. Those who choose LILIMILL want to immerse themselves in atmospheres where fashion blends with the emotion, where quality is reflected in the attention to small details, where trends, romance, character and delicacy live together in harmony. Together the same shoe can meet different tastes, different souls, different stories, and evoke different feelings.

Some people choose LILIMILL for the softness of the leathers, some for the elegance that does not give up comfort, some for the details that make the difference, some for the quality and uniqueness of the "made in Italy", some for the romantic but still gritty essence of his creations and finally some because they simply want to wear a bit of that beauty of things made with the heart.