Fashion and technology join forces in the new IZ QWEAR collection by IZMEE. Colorful maxi-prints, innovative graphics, and all-over patterns are distinctive features of these new pure Italian cotton t-shirts made to play with a unique QRCODE that opens the door to a new way of socializing and sharing exclusive, customized messages. IZ QWEAR is the only t-shirt you can't wait to share!

Each IZMEE product, accessory and item invites you to embrace color, noise and extreme expressiveness. It is the free expression of awareness and individuality, beyond all trends, beyond all conformism.

Italian design with a cosmopolitan soul: cross-contaminations of styles mingle with unexpected details, culminating in a statement of a nonchalant attitude, free from all prejudice. IZMEE is more than just a brand, it is pure avant-garde; unexplored harmony between fashion, technology and sustainability that unites the masses and personifies the individual.