ISABEL GIOTTO is pioneering research into graphic art, textile and contemporary cuts, creating luxury clothing and accessories for women, with attention to details. Passion for art and Italian sartorial tradition are the key concepts of every collection. We are focused on the concept of “wearable art” or “art à porter”, concocting visionary, surreal worlds for new sensory experiences.

ISABEL GIOTTO is a totally made-in-Italy brand that combines art, design, fashion and innovation. Our key-trait is a strong focus on exclusive fine art prints: a voyage through a symbolic art world. Italian artist, Smerlot, is the creator of the artwork, interpreting an avant-garde style that could be defined as a dreamlike and holistic neo-decorativism, which incorporates some features of art nouveau and surrealism. Smerlot’s exclusive prints are featured on blouses, dresses, hoodies, pants, foulards and bags.

We believe in a product that offers a world of values - artistic, cultural and ethical - for a modern consumer seeking for new and meaningful aesthetic experiences. We draw our own unique designs, experiment materials and cuts, and manufacture high quality products. We use only the purest natural fabrics and exclusive artwork prints to design a new world of fantasy and wellbeing. We hold tight to the belief that the highest approach to art awareness is through fashion. The goal of the artistic creations is to enhance a flourishing life, wellbeing and the joy of living.

isabel giotto