I’MYM’I is a footwear company owned by Lanciotti A.R. and based in Montegranaro, the beating heart of the footwear district in Italy’s Marche region. It stands out both for the high quality level of its productions, and for the professionalism of the property and its workers who boast long-time experience and expertise in the luxury shoe sector. The purpose that immediately animated the project of its own brand, I’MYM’I, was to communicate a strong product identity that felt innovative and fresh, with a targeted communication strategy and a selective positioning in the stores that share our brand philosophy.

I’MYM’I is noted for its sophisticated and modern style enriched by a strong Italian manufacturing tradition, for its continually evolving research into new materials, and for its attention to both quality and comfort. I’MYM’I immediately began international development thanks to the collaboration with a high level European and intercontinental sales team, which immediately embraced the spirit of the brand and its philosophy of refined product, fashion and street style.

Lanciotti A.R. has been chosen for many years for the production of woman and man shoes for great brands of the highest international level including Prada, Church's, Dolce & Gabbana, Zanotti, Lardini, Pollini, Armani, thanks to the high quality standard offered. Currently I’MYM’I Italia is present in the best stores in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, France, Poland, Japan, New Zealand, Ukraine and Russia with ambitious global growth projections for the coming years.