IMjiT is an artisan team that creates RTW and streetwear focusing on materials and technique. Every pair of jeans, jersey or jacket is numbered. Our philosophy is to create timeless goods with human approach.

IMjiT is currently work on set up its own mill division with organic cotton, pure indigo, and selvedge denim. Since its founding, IMjiT has prioritized restoration and second-hand resale to perpetuate a true, circular means of production. IMjiT sources fabrics made in Japan, Italy, and England. Jeans are known for their single stitch ʻʼPunto Singoloʼʼ 301 plus ʻʼAghi Strettiʼʼ detail / production method.

Every garment is designed and engineered and ‘made in Italy’ at our plants in Due Carrare by IMjiT artisans. At our laboratorio, Via dei Granatier, we work with more than 60 machines, both new and vintage. We also maintain a space for our bespoke division for customer service, located at Via Roma 37. We serve private customers in China, Europe and the USA.
IMjiT is also a member of the Associazione Antichi Mestieri Padov – The Association for Ancient Crafts (AAM) established in Padua in May 1998 with the ambitious goal of protecting, safeguarding, and enhancing ancient crafts and techniques.

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