Elena Kihlman launched her namesake handbag label in 2009, opening her Laboratory Atelier in the center of Rome. For the realization of her bags she avails herself of the collaboration of the best artisans of the Italian tradition, many known worldwide for their craftsman abilities - in this way, her bags are not just objects but a combination of history, tradition, passion and craftsmanship.

In addition to a captivating and dynamic design, very important for Elena is the care of every aspect of the production process, from the choice of materials, to the cut, to the finishing, everything is done ensuring the best of Made in Italy. Behind every bag there is work, commitment to quality, and eternal searching and studying for creative solutions to create products capable of satisfying customer needs. The brand is best known for its signature “Origami Bag” and “Urbana Bag” each noted for their supreme design and high-level functionality.

In designing her bags Elena combines the old and the new based on personal emotions, each creation always has a background story involving the mood, the memory of the landscape, a place in the world, and the soul of an experience. It is her unique way of re-evaluating reality that allows Elena Kihlman bags to express and emphasize individuality.

elena kihlman