Doria 1905 is a historic brand of hats known for its tradition, craftsmanship and quality, with roots in the sartorial tradition of strictly handmade ‘Made in Italy’ production. Our hats are a product of classic and timeless inspiration, interpreted in a new way to be contemporary. Collections also include complementary bags and accessories.

Doria1905 proposes a restyling of the classic hat made with humor and rigor, inspired by a refined and linear creativity. Coppole, Trilby, Cloche, Berretti, Panama, and the Fedora, are each expressions of a natural, refined style in touch with modern and accessible elegance. 100% of our production happens in Italy, and our hats reflect our passion for fabrics and respect for tradition. Natural materials, from earth or sea, are accompanied by a conceptual and style-inspired philosophy that enhances our craftsmanship in a harmonious balance between fashion and tradition; between contemporary trends and memories of the past.

Maximum care and attention are reserved for the choice of materials, the finishing of details and respect for the history and experience of ‘Made in Italy’, while maintaining unaltered processes handed down from generation to generation, albeit innovated by an advanced technique. 

doria 1905