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Corsia is a collection of women’s leather bags, especially designed for those who see life as a journey, who are always on the move even when still. Enis s.r.l. designs, organizes and distributes the Corsia brand. We have a network of small artisan companies mostly in the Romagna region of Italy – all of our production is made in Italy, including the materials we source from Italian leather companies as well. Corsia handbags all bear the name of an Italian city or place, in honor of our heritage of craftsmanship and of the art history from which all creativity flows.

Patrizia Montanari and Enrico Boschi founded the company Enis s.r.l. in 2019, design and distributor of fashion accessories brands, thanks to Patrizia’s previous experience as owner of a Milan fashion showroom and Enrico’s experience in digital business development. Corsia offers very soft, embraceable napa leather as well as thicker, protective leather, shiny and matte finishes, smooth, grainy or naturally wrinkled leather, and a myriad of colors and finishes. We like to emphasize that our product is “live,” in continuous transformation molded in shape and personality by the creative skillful hands of the manufacturers.

We can’t always plan how our daytime life will turn out, but having the right bag helps. Whether you’re off to discover a new restaurant or an unknown city or you are simply at home, we want our bags to make everything simpler - and more enjoyable. Corsia bags are made with the high-quality selected leathers, and their ‘made in Italy’ craftsmanship is the fruit of the skill and experience of a long tradition of leatherworking in the districts of Italy. We tend to favor the use of vegetal tanned materials, which are long-lasting hides tanned with natural products, with no chemical additives. Many of our leathers are hand dyed with special circular hands movements.