Established in 1955 and specialized in manufacturing men's shirts haute couture, G. INGLESE has a long history of craftsmanship with the use of traditional sewing machines and from the expertise of artisanal knowledge passed down. The use of the best quality fabrics, along with continued investment in creativity and innovation to our range has made ​​our brand recognized on a global scale.

We source our inspiration from ancient tradition: in the embroidery there is a culture passed down and not written of our country – an ode to our self-awareness and identity. Our tailoring and measuring are particularly careful and accurate, always dedicated to our ability to fulfill the most complex customer needs, and to create works of art that tell a story.

Our mission is to preserve the authentic art of tailoring, and to revive the artisan traditions handed down from our families from the 1960s - proposing our ‘artifacts’ to an international audience. G. Inglese has a deep commitment to furthering the art of tailoring by teaching younger generations the skills through its dedicated school. Within this educational program, future artisans study origins of the fabrics, construction and garment building, paradoxical processes of both new technologies and old hand looms – all within a restored historic building immersed in the heart of old town Ginosa.

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