The brand is a mix of AD, the initials of name and surname of the young designer Angela D'Arienzo, and MILANO, the European capital of fashion, where she currently lives, studies and works.

Solofra, Angela’s hometown, is an industrial district specialized in the tanning of small skins, especially lamb leather, that inspires the girl who was born among pieces of fabric, leather and paper patterns and who grew up between her parents' work and passion for fashion.

Angela gains experience and cultivates her dream of becoming a stylist and she presents her AD|Milano luxury collection, a combination of the sartorial tradition of Solofra and the contemporaneity of the fashion city of Milan.

Shuttling between the homeland of leather and the city of fashion, she launches her AD luxury as a tribute to her origins, a collection full of fluorescent, vitaminic and energetic colors that have been chosen for leather garments with a minimal design, rediscovering it more elegant than ever.