Edgy shoemaker celebrating transformative women

A name once seen dangling on a nametag outside a small village near Modena, Italy, in the early ‘900, has then made its way to being one that is now worn on soles all over the world by discerning fashionistas. The name is Ovyé – a brand with edgy style and unprecedented commitment to the craft of shoemaking. Since its inception, the secret to Ovyé’s success is all the love that its creators, the Lucchi family, have put into this business. Throughout their years demonstrating a resilient commitment to growth, they have always made sure to embrace the new without forgetting the old.

The Ovyé woman does not have a rigid character description. Rather, she is chameleonic in nature, free to express herself however she pleases, jumping from one style to the other. She is able to divide her time between ankle boots, tall pumps, or comfortable sneakers, depending how she feels. Her style choices are spontaneous, ever changing, and contingent on her emotions. Nevertheless, she is always accompanied by her fearless spirit, and is at peace with, and loving, her multifaceted, complex self.

Over a hundred years have passed since Giovanni Lucchi made his first pair of shoes in the village of Piumazzo, yet to this day the Lucchi family remains surprised and humbled by Ovyé’s tremendous success story, often stating: “What is fashion, if not a game of mirrors? It is a form of expression for the myriad of facets that every woman conceals beneath her surface, a tribute to her complex emotions”.Always keen on tapping into her seductive, adventurous, and eccentric side, the Ovyé woman is eager to take risks and experiment with unique styles that bring her out of her comfort zone, yet ignite her soul.

Perhaps she throws on some ankle boots, elegant yet bold, injecting a little edge into every outfit, yet remaining that classic staple to be worn time and time again. These signature ankle boots are set on a thick sculptural block heel that keeps the focus on the rear part of the shoe; a trending shape that never fails to impress. Ovyé’s take on the combat boot creates the ultimate bootie, upgrading it to the max. Want to take it a step further? Ovyé’s swoon-worthy, infamous over-the-knee boots in luminous gold are the perfect neutral-but-not way to ensure comfort while looking stylish. Or perhaps, step out and turn heads with a pair of pumps. With their towering heels and sturdy platform soles,

Ovyé pumps produce a leg-lengthening effect. Who wouldn’t want that? The possibilities are endless. Despite the myriad of designs produced every year, it’s Ovye’s relentless drive for excellence that keep them rising to the top. Even after over 100 years of success, the Lucchi’s family commitment is unwavering. What is the best thing about shoemaking according to the company? Help every woman to reveal herself, and surprise herself in the process.