Handmade suits and sportcoats celebrating the Neapolitan tailoring tradition

Founded in Naples, in the early 90s, Orazio Luciano offers high quality garments for men who appreciate the pleasure of an impeccable tailored fit with an elegant flair. Made in Italy, this is Neapolitan inspired menswear that pairs refined classicism with technical virtuosity, in a contemporary line that can be worn with unrestricted ease. In Orazio Luciano's workshop the talented cutters, who have mastered their skills over a lifetime dating back generations, turn gorgeous fabrics into a range of options that include bespoke pieces, made to measure and ready to wear.

Versatile and elegant, the offer addresses every man’s needs, by focusing on attention to detail, impeccable cut, and typical soft Neapolitan construction — the mark of true innovation and heritage. From its earliest inception, Orazio Luciano has dared to experiment with different techniques and push the boundaries of traditional style with subtle details like a mappina, and hand stitched buttonholes, to provide a notable and effortless fit. An Orazio Luciano garment is conceived to wear elegance lightly, as it pushes traditional wardrobe codes to make a specific style statement.

This highly admired menswear brand has always favored a softly constructed and masculine cut garment with a shaped waist and a signature mappina shoulder. This deconstructed approach to tailoring involves removing the shoulder padding to facilitate freedom of movement. The “spalla napoletana” is sewn like a shirtsleeve to follow the natural curve of the body rather than giving it shape. This type of sleeve increases freedom of movement to give the jacket a beautiful deconstructed appearance that still looks fitted, to incorporate a well- balanced and perfectly proportioned silhouette.

The Made to Measure services bridge the gap between bespoke and ready-to-wear to offer clients an effective solution to having a suit made to one’s own specifications. All that’s necessary is for the client to fit the master garment pattern at the hands of one of Orazio Luciano’s tailoring advisors, and then discuss all the elements that can be personalized, These include selecting the style of the suit, the fabric, the buttons and the lining, offering a less time consuming process which guarantees effective and personalized service without compromising on quality.

Orazio Luciano’s bespoke service cuts clothes to create a well- proportioned and flattering line that naturally distinguishes the owner’s character. Every customer has a preference for a pattern that’s meticulously hand cut to the individual’s measurements and figure, and then refined through the fitting process. For a new customer this process will take approximately three to four months to complete, and will usually involve four fittings. Once a pattern has been created, all subsequent clothes can be completed more rapidly. Each garment is cut and fitted under the control of Head Cutter Orazio Luciano, guaranteeing an impeccable fit and unforgettable tailor made experience.