When fur becomes a versatile adaptable, original and contemporary garment

Numero Otto was founded in early 2014 by two young designers with a passion for high-fashion and the innovative idea that ready-to-wear fur is not only versatile but as much an essential part of the wardrobe as a finely tailored suit or statement shoes. Fur, long thought of as the ultimate symbol of luxury and elegance, is transformed through the Numero Otto lens, becoming an adaptable ready-to-wear contemporary garment, a high-quality original staple in every way.

From the manufacturing process to the skilled craftsmanship, Numero Otto has launched a Fur Revolution, rethinking each color, cut, trim, and stitch — with an eye towards sustainability and environmental responsibility. Since its inception, Numero Otto has experienced great success. Based on traditional values, the brand has built a reputation for offering cutting edge styles - handcrafted in the long-trusted workmanship of the Campania region, the brand’s birthplace - to meet the demands of the modern fashion landscape.

The choice of materials and fit is crucial. Numero Otto pledges the best mix of contemporary comfort and fashion. Fabrics are supplied by Guida Italy srl, Numero Otto’s parent company and one of the leading experts in the global fur industry. Through its specialized supply channel, Numero Otto is provided the best quality fur; guaranteeing all materials are handled with utmost care by specialized craftsmen with generations of training who view every garment as a piece of art in the making.

And, why Fur? Fur lasts forever; its style is timeless. Fur garments are always on trend and can be refurbished. Fur can be upcycled, repaired, remodeled, resold — extending the life cycle of a garment for generations. By offering a totally different approach than today’s fast fashion, Numero Otto prides itself on its commitment to minimize environmental impact and the negative effects of production.

Nowadays the brand is the perfect blend of tradition, creativity and originality. Always keen on learning new techniques, its artisans are all united by the desire to meet the high demands of their worldwide clientele of connoisseurs. A mantra that brings to life some of the most coveted luxury furs in the fashion industry.