Sartorial ready-to-wear collection mixing heritge with imagination

Martin Alvarez founded his namesake brand in 2007. His love and passion for design was the central motivator of his entrepreneurial adventure. Originally from Colombia, Martin Alvarez started showing his collections in the Milan showroom of Casile & Casile where his designs garnered the interest of important Italian boutiques. In 2013 he took part in the Cool Hunter Italy Trade Show and competition, an association that promotes participants to important foreign operators.

They include the Chamber of Italian-Russian Commerce, the Shanghai Fashion association, and the February edition of Who's Next salon, which brought together 150 designers from all over the world. It was there that Martin Alvarez was awarded a stand at the Parisian Pret-a-Porter Salon in July 2013. In Paris he was singled out for the quality of the fabrics he selected, his focus on research, and the quality of his materials. His collection was recognized and applauded as being ideally suited to international markets, with designs that were strikingly original for their play on deconstructed cuts and shapes.

In 2016, after a chance encounter with Carmine De Santis of the Italian fashion house DE SANTIS, Martin Alvarez was given the opportunity to expand his brand and usher in a new era. The result was the creation of the new ready to wear line De Santis by Martin Alvarez, which debuted to critical acclaim at Milan Fashion Week. Carmine De Santis’s meeting with the talented Colombian designer also marked the beginning of Vigevano Lab Creations, where all the designer’s creations began to take shape and generate the success the brand has come to enjoy. Following the best sartorial techniques in the tradition of Made in Italy, the ready to wear collection exhibited the flair and fashionable appeal borne of attention to detail and careful color combinations, resulting in clothes with a timeless and feminine.

Also known as Concept Martin Alvarez, the designer’s talent for color and fabric selection and his research and focus on experimental shapes and cuts came to distinguish him among his peers. Easily identifiable for creating clothes that are artfully molded on the feminine silhouette, Concept Martin Alvarez envisioned a contemporary approach to luxury committed to limiting the environmental impact of his production on the climate. Part Italian inspiration, part Colombian soul, the Martin Alvarez collections pair a modern reinterpretation of sartorial excellence with ingenious techniques.

With unexpected pattern choices and equally original forms, the deconstructed designs and combination of styles, colors, techniques, and materials are what make the line so unforgettable. Although he is based in Milan, Martin Alvarez’s love of travel is what inspires his creations. Infused with visions of colorful landscapes and exotic animals, Indian flower markets, and the lush forests in Northern California, his designs are a harmonious choreography that, like the sweet breeze in the Southern Pacific, dress a woman from day to night, and are ideal for all occasions. Made in Italy with an infusion of theatrical flair, a Martin Alvarez dress is as romantic as it is memorable.