Perfecting the art of hat making since 2002

Luca Della Lama’s fashion journey began in 2002, on a mission to perfect the art of Made in Italy hat manufacturing. Born from its parent company, Facopel, Luca Della Lama’s hats quickly rose to stardom, becoming a sought after product by a fashion savvy global clientele that immediately knew these hats were synonymous with Italian excellence.

Always relying on Facopel’s traditional manufacturing methods, rooted in four generations of Tuscan hat making, the company is still based in the same facility in Pistoia, Italy, since 1908. Luca Della Lama stands for constantly modernizing materials and designs, leading the way towards a more sustainable approach. Since 2008, every collection is entirely made of strictly biocompatible fabrics and leathers, rejecting every single synthetic material that does not come from through recycling.

As any true fashion enthusiast knows, a good hat will add an essential finishing flourish to any outfit, all while keeping your face young, healthy, and protected from damaging rays, of course. Luca Della Lama believes that every stylish woman knows the power of a good hat and designs each piece with functionality in mind. From edgy bucket hats associated with anything from ‘90s grunge to toddlers, to the enduringly fashion favorite beret, and all the way to the wide-brim straw styles and Panamas, everything is made to be functionally glamorous.

Though we no longer live in a society where wearing a hat is an unspoken rule of elegance, today’s more casual climate and loosening dress codes don’t mean we should stray from what hats can add entirely. On the contrary, this has allowed headwear options to diversify, leading to Luca Della Lama’s creations. Wearers have the option to style the collection however they please; straw hats with ribbons, raffia and cotton toppers, supersized floppy sun hats and chic wide-brim hats – all reminders that hats are not only a chic accessory but also an extra barrier against UV rays.

As for the fabrics, the brand offers a variety to choose from. Linen canvas if you’re looking for a natural effect, or you can go for floral print poplin, raffia, and the classic denim – all of which are mixed and matched with vegetable-based leathers in contrasting stitching. Luca Della Lama knows the devil is in the details when it comes to creating sustainable luxury. A series of technical stretch fabrics complete the range of rain hats, a result of the company’s ongoing technical experimentation aimed at making hats truly multifunctional pieces. Finally, due to their easy-to-wear shapes, you don’t have to worry about stuffing Luca Della Lama’s hats into a suitcase either. Packing hats has always been somewhat troublesome, but not anymore. If you’re searching for something that’s packable or foldable, there’s plenty of soft cotton, canvas, or straw bucket hats that will certainly do the trick.