Fine knitwear inspired by authentic luxury

Italian luxury endures. With a history rooted in innovation and a nod to modernity and sustainability, the Lorenzoni family leads the way, bringing renowned Italian luxury to life while working with the finest yarns such as cashmere, silk, pure Makò cotton, and Zegna Baruffa extra-fine merino wool. The Lorenzoni collection rewrites the rules of everyday dress with a refinement of elegant garments, sustainably sourced, and suitable for just about every moment of every day, from the morning cappuccino to a terrace rendezvous at sunset. Intricate, unique patterns of floral and paisley meet enticing seasonal colors ranging from magenta to lilac, and turquoise to ocher.

Today, the modern story of today’s Lorenzoni collection is told through first-class materials—like Zegna Baruffa worsted yarns, and Makò cotton—to create its high-quality signature items. World renowned Zegna Baruffa worsted yarns are produced entirely in Italy in the historic plant of Borgosesia, where each stage of the production process meets stringent quality parameters of fiber fineness, length, and cleaning, resulting in a luxurious softness with an inherent resistance to pilling and shrinkage, all while maintaining machine washability.

The entire production cycle for Zegna Baruffa fine yarns, from the preparation to the final steps, are made in-house with the most recent innovations in technology and sustainability. Lorenzoni’s fine knitwear is crafted in pure Makò cotton and fine linen. Of Egyptian origin, Makò cotton is a renowned high-quality long-staple fiber known for its softness, shine, durability, and silky drape. These coveted fine yarns are used for creating precious, natural, long-lasting fabrics that are very soft to the touch. All signature knitwear pieces are finished with a special dip dyeing technique that gives each garment a sophisticated, on-trend and modern, nuanced effect.

The result, various expressions of navy blue, the color of strength, fortitude, courage, and exploration, can be seen throughout the collection. Vibrant blues fade into electric teal and subtle whites. Shades of magenta and lilac pop here and there for an element of individualism and excitement, escaping definition and the containment of convention. Clean and smooth tailored lines and soft energetic fabrics beckon to be touched between exploring fingers, this is the hallmark of Lorenzoni. In addition to its celebrated knitwear collection, a wide range of polo shirts and t-shirts in very light mercerized cotton are offered, each made unique by rich all over prints with floral motifs and traditional cashmere patterns, dotted with special details such as jacquard patterning at the collar and cuff.

The Lorenzoni brand commitment to quality is evidenced by its substantial investments made maximizing sustainability in every step of the production process. From water purification, which may be discharged directly in the riverbed, to the creation of reusable energy that is generated in the dyeing and heating production process. Today, the Lorenzoni family brand comes to life as it turns its familial eye towards sourcing distinguished materials for its understated luxury products, while incorporating sophisticated details coupled with authenticity, all within the realm of environmental stewardship and energy efficiency.