Innovative men's shoes with a Tuscan flair

Lo.White was born from the passion of the brand’s founder, owner, and stylist, Sergio Tricomi, after forty years working in the handcrafted Italian footwear world. Founded in Pistoia, near Florence, Lo.White was named after Sergio’s children, Lorenzo and Bianca. Based on decades of experience as one of the finest connoisseurs, Sergio Tricomi holds a deep conviction that in order for a footwear company to succeed, it must create shoes that combine uncompromised comfort and impeccable style, merging the two with a perfectly balanced approach. By using the highest quality materials and employing the finest artisans, today Lo.White owns a very special place in the world of Made in Italy shoemaking.

Handcrafted entirely in Tuscany and renowned across the world, the brand strives to serve the customer who likes understated yet refined elegance, the man who requires practicality and comfort without having to give up his personal style. The Lo.White collection is characterized by essential shapes , most of the items offering stylish comfort for just about any occasion, from casual to dressy. One of the strengths of Lo.White is its ability to create a single pair of shoes with authentic character that can be worn with confidence in any arena.

The modern Lo.White collection is still driven by the company’s best- selling Challenge Line, which is offered in a wide range of colors and various leathers, where modern trends merge with traditional Italian design. A more recent and up-and-coming collection, the Joy Line, offers a series of cutting edge sneakers with classic yet sporty characteristics. A shoe that doesn’t pretend to be like every other pair of kicks on the market and that finds its hallmark on an innovative and clean design.

Lo.White believes the soul of a shoe is located in its bottom. By creating well-built soles and insoles, as evidenced in its City Line collection ranging from leather to rubber and to more complex constructions, the brand fully delivers its promise of offering extreme comfort and durability. New and noteworthy within the collection is a capsule line of eco- friendly footwear produced with vegetable-treated leathers, without chemical additives, and processed with natural methods which give an even more classic and timeless vibe to the shoes. A favorite of customers who want to enjoy the Italian secular tradition of natural leather treatments.

Because so many handcrafted steps are performed in multiple stages throughout the production process, the “Fatte a mano” (“handmade”) marking is added to every pair of Lo.White, providing an additional touch of style that reflects on the appeal of its wearer. Each step in the production process is carefully monitored, from measuring and cutting the leather, to trimming the lining, to the application of reinforcement canvases, with each phase closely abiding by the highest standards of the Made in Italy shoe making tradition.