Premier handbag specialist providing flawlessly versatile styles

If you’re looking for a handbag that’s both versatile and always ready for a woman on the go, Le Moki Milano is the brand for you. With an abundant collection of versatile handbags in fifteen trendy hues, Le Moki uses the finest Italian leather as the base for what becomes more than a bag, but an eye-catching vehicle for self-expression. Don’t be misled, though. Le Moki is deliberately minimal; their totes, shoulder bags and baguettes are impressively unadorned, making the lack of embellishments and embroideries the leit motiv of a philosophy that focuses more on the wearer’s personality than the aesthetic of the object she carries.

Within the collection, the bags tend to boast a primarily rounded-square shape, available in all different sizes. The collection also includes one bags in a rectangular silhouette, working to appease any consumer – whether you only carry the bare necessities, or always like to travel with your purses at max capacity. Handmade in Italy by skillful artisans, the brand’s passion for the excellence of a Made In Italy tradition is right at the forefront of any of their fashion choices. Relying on talented craftsmanship, Le Moki’s bags feature geometrically inspired, yet aesthetically deconstructed shapes, always pieced together with unconventional joints, gussets, or stitching.

Inevitably inspired by the tradition of Italian architecture, modernized through artful innovation, Le Moki subtly nods in acknowledgment to Lombardia’s rare urban treasures. With its seamlessly creative process, relying on traditional manufacturing techniques, this accessory label is quickly turning into a lifestyle phenomenon that’s changing the way the industry approaches fashion and personal style.

Italy. Nature. Travel. Landscapes. Architecture. Le Moki embraces warm minimalism by celebrating styles that are made to be worn and lived in by strong women of all ages, who seek to dress regardless of the situation, while never sacrificing their comfort for the sake of fashion. Each handbag is an absolutely classic, donning beautiful shapes that every woman’s closet needs, and will never go out of style.

With their use of the most luxurious Italian leather, in neutral and bright colors, Le Moki will flit flawlessly into any woman’s wardrobe; always by adding a special something to an outfit, without ever distracting from the woman wearing it. Whether you're looking for an oversized tote to fit the everyday busyness of life, something sleek for your 9-to-5 routine, or a casual handbag that's quick, chic, and easy to grab on the go, Le Moki has you covered. No matter if you see bags as a utilitarian purchase, or more of a fun, luxury accessory, Le Moki will help you find the purse of your dreams.