Surprisingly eclectic and differently classic women's outerwear

A story of family, craftsmanship, and passion for what you do. This is the foundation of Landi, an Italian entrepreneurial brand with a long history of tradition behind it. The imagination is the starting point for a line that builds different classic female outerwear. Founded in 1948 in Empoli, Tuscany, by Lando Landi, the” Elios company”, as it was known at the time, the business specialized in the production of shirts for men. From the beginning, Lando Landi’s vision and innate talents have been intertwined with the institutions of the Tuscany region, a territory known for its ancient textile factories, expert tailoring, and specialized craftsmen.

Attention to detail and attention to quality are at the heart of the Landi vision, the cornerstone from which the Landi family sets its course, navigating by the principle, "Do what we can do in the best possible way." A belief that has become the foundation of the company philosophy as it has grown and evolved over time. 
 In 1956, Landi launched its raincoats collection, made with the same passion and innovation as Landi core products, incorporating the most advanced techniques available for production and design. The response to the collection in high-end markets was immediate and overwhelmingly positive. As a result, the Landi facility sees strategic growth with modern improvements, optimizing the relationship between new technologies and traditional Italian craftsmanship. With this in mind, the outerwear line becomes a natural reflection of the company’s mission.

In 1984 the historic "Elios company" becomes Landi, a launching point for evolution and the development of forward-thinking strategies. Since then, the second and third family generations continue in the footsteps of their founder—with the same care and attention to detail—sensing market trends and translating them into quality products able to satisfy the needs of even the most discerning consumers.
 Today the Landi group is represented on the market with four lines: Zerosettanta Studio, offering contemporary comfort in a line of high-performance metropolitan sportswear; L’Imper Waterproof, unique yet refined waterproof jackets; Giancarlo Rossi; and Landi Fancy. Each product line is infused with the unique identity and well-defined style traits of the brand; each is an unmistakable interpretation of the family vision

Landi Fancy is a series of waterproof raincoats, pea coats, and puffer jackets that surprise and delight in free flowing, unedited constructs, unusual combinations, and occasional trims in precious fur. Zip and button front, reversible fabrics, rich textures, and detachable collars and cuffs express an elegant femininity with a tasteful nod towards the modern Landi woman. Fantasy is the starting point for Landi’s classic women's outerwear collection. An eclectic twist that combines a cut for comfort, for feeling good in what you are wearing, providing freedom of movement, with the addition of thoughtful details for the season ahead.

Lively printed fabrics bespoke of uncharted lands, whimsical patterns with pops of bright color, and unexpected elements like patch pockets trimmed with contrast ribbon or zippered with extended pull tabs for easy grip and to keep your valuables safe. Each item is attentively produced in a state-of-the-art facility, meeting modern production standards.