When playfulness meets artistry in jewelry design

LABAM stands for elegance, harmony, history, and authenticity. Founded by Oreste Cavalca in 1949 in Parma, Labam has strong roots in the Emilia Romagna region of Italy. Since its inception, the brand has been seeking perfection, crafting the most perfect pieces of resin jewelry and leather accessories, always remaining at the forefront of innovation and continuously raising the bars of Italian excellence.

The experience garnered from the ongoing manufacturing and commitment since the forties to designing each piece with its individuality at the forefront, allows Labam to obtain a product of superior quality, pleasing even the most discerning clientele from all over the world. Rigorously designed and produced at their factory in Parma for three generations, Labam’s products use only the most carefully selected, high quality materials to ensure the best possible results.

Inspired by the brightest colors, this niche jewelry collection boasts vibrancy and radiant hues through its use of rainbow-colored resins, which are of course sourced and handmade in Italy. Rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings are all a playful expression of the label’s joie de vivre.Inspired by the rich Italian history of outsourcing and producing fine accessories, the Labam creations fuse the traditions of the nation with stunning modern touches. By blending the Mediterranean culture together with contemporary art, Labam’s earrings, necklaces, and cuffs offer a refreshing twist on classics. In the company’s philosophy, jewelry is more than a mere ornament; it is a direct vehicle to the wearer’s self- expression. Intricate details –shapes, patterns, and textures – as well as design, provide a signature aesthetic that gives the collection a simultaneously modern yet historical feel.

Vibrantly colored semi-circles are redolent of a beautiful and carefree summer in Italy – filled with strolls and sunsets. The remarkable techniques used in handcrafting these pieces range from engravings, to cut-outs, to 3D circles – all working together to bring the shapes and symbols of Italian craftsmanship to life. With vibrant resins in all shades – from blush pink, to burgundy, to emerald green and to sky blue – each piece feels like a small work of art we can have the pleasure of wearing and bringing with us. A necklace that wraps around your neck, a bracelet that cuffs your wrist, a ring that slips onto your finger — jewelry’s design is frequently circular. Labam breaks from this standard, playing with different shapes – from rectangular to conic – demonstrating how fine jewelry doesn’t need to be made of diamonds or fit traditional molds to be deemed precious. Any piece you pick up in the collection demonstrates how Labam elevates a humble material like resin into a highly desirable piece.

If you are searching for a sustainable way to upgrade your jewelry, Labam has been introducing ethical practices aimed at reducing the impact of fumes and harmful manufacturing methods. The entire production chain works towards and is inspired by environmentally-friendly solutions, all striving to reduce waste optimizing the natural resources available. Feel good about looking good. And we know, sparkly objects will always have a magnetic pull, so have no fear; Labam’s collection is loaded with plenty that will satisfy your senses. Prepare to shine bright from head to toe, and rest assured: you’ll stand out with these unique pieces.