Creatively urban prêt-à-porter celebrating lavish knits

KNIIT Milano was founded in 2016 by Francesca Carola Ferrari. The CEO and creative director, Francesca is a trained biologist and a mother — tireless, and curious, she is passionate about design. ‘I created KNIIT Milano to pass on my love for beauty and my passion for style and fashion. My work requires constant study, research, and staying up to date. I love to be bold when experimenting with new possibilities, new proportions, and new feminine ideas.

I constantly monitor online and offline evolutions in fashion.’ Francesca works with a technical department that’s focused on innovation, and she rigorously selects her suppliers from the best national and international yarn makers. KNIIT Milano’s strategy of excellence makes it a new but noteworthy player on the luxury ready to wear market. Her Made in Italy production is the essence of her foundation as well as a source of great pride. The maison produces knitwear with exceptional yarns that have been researched and specially selected. A family tradition that began in Milan a century ago with the brilliant brand Bigi.

In the 1930s Bigi knitwear factory — KNIIT MILANO’s predecessor, was operated by Francesca Carola Ferrari’s grandmother and great- grandmother. A small knitwear company, it rapidly made a name for itself on the Milan fashion scene, becoming a point of reference for the city’s society ladies. Today all that is left is Francesca Carola Ferrari’s know-how, which she’s now applying to her KNIIT MILANO creations. Quality is the main focus of the company, which when paired with advanced production methods and a careful selection of raw
materials, offers elegant and refined products that combine innovation in design and impeccable craftsmanship.

KNIIT Milano is modeled on a young, cosmopolitan, and independent woman, who has a strong sense of identity. Fashion conscious but not brand addicted, she follows the trends suggested by the great designers without looking for the brand itself. Gifted with taste she is able to freely choose what reflects her personality, without needing to conform or flaunt. KNIIT MILANO has a modern and elegant spirit. The knits in the collection play with jacquards, eclectic patterns, and tricot styles while paying careful attention to proportions and color palettes, to ensure every piece is unique, understated and distinctive.

Made exclusively in Italy from exceptionally high quality yarns, sourced by Zegna, Cariaggi and Loro Piana, the KNIIT Milano Collection showcases technical and stylistic research to give a fresh and modern quality to the long-running knitwear tradition. Bold colors and one of a kind patterns play a very important role in the process of creating unique styles. Ideal for layering, these fashionable knits can dress up looks in striking ways. Original designs executed with traditional skills and a flair for innovation, KNIIT Milano is a one-stop shop for the young, modern woman who loves to make a statement.