High-end cashmere knits showcasing timeless elegance for more than fifty years

Founded in the 60s by a family-run knitting company, Kash is based in the Umbrian city of Perugia, which has a long tradition of manufacturing that harkens back to a fascinating world of dense networks of land and history. Like many regions in Italy, the company’s ties to its cultural roots, highlight a strong sense of belonging enhanced by professionalism, competence and a deep-set appreciation for innovation. "We inherited our attention to detail from the women in our family and the passion they have for their work", says a company’s statement. Tradition and craftsmanship are visible in every KASH garment, which combines innovative and constantly evolving processing techniques.

The KASH style pairs the elegance of Made in Italy high-quality knitwear with the finest raw material cashmere fibers. KASH puts all the company’s experiences into outfitting a woman with a strong personality who feels the need to express and affirm her individuality through fashion. "Our products are designed to stand the test of time, and be appreciated by those who know the value of quality, who care about details and raw materials, and love and seek beauty." KASH strives to preserve the “Made in Italy” quality standards and the unmistakable value of craftsmanship.

That reverence for tradition and craft are visible and palpable in every KASH knit. The production process, which is monitored to guarantee uncompromised excellence by using refined manufacturing techniques, is then completed by hand by KASH's experienced artisans. A KASH knit has a specific style that combines the elegance of precious knitwear with the quality of raw materials, which, when it comes to cashmere, is instrumental. It’s what differentiates and makes a knit luxurious and timeless. To wear KASH is to wrap oneself in a noble fiber of timeless elegance

The magic of cashmere lies in its ability to make a garment feel warm, soft, and refined. Each knit is unique, and guaranteed to please. These achievements are the result of the company’s commitment to research, a well thought out selection of new colors, volumes and details, specifically evaluated and selected for superbly crafted knitwear. Wearing KASH is an act of allegiance with a noble fiber that’s as long lasting as elegant. For more than 50 years the label has promoted genuine Made in Italy knitwear, by creating sweaters that are entirely made in their factories, following a step-by-step process completed by hand, by experienced workers who are committed to creating state-of-the-art knits that exude style and sophistication.

These one-of-a-kind garments are available in a wide range of styles, gages, and colors that are always elegant and versatile. Integrating innovative and developing manufacturing techniques, with tradition and craft, Kash puts all its experience in creating knitwear that appeals, and inspires women everywhere. Made to last for the pleasure of purity and softness. A fashion staple with an unforgettably smooth touch, KASH is the cashmere sweater you never want to leave home without.