Eclectic jewelry with a retro twist

When unparalleled feminine flair meets a passion for high fashion, what do you get? If you said JEWELS’ JOY, you’re absolutely right. If you didn’t…you better listen up, and you surely will soon. Jewels' Joy bijoux and fashion accessories are made of original fabrics and materials, ranging from 100% cashmere, to Alcantara 100% silk shantung, to cameos in sardonyx, all the way to agate and amber, not to mention the fabrics in eco-fur with a 100% cotton base. The list goes on.

The only thing more remarkable than the authenticity of the materials themselves is the masterful handiwork and craft. Born from a love for fine Italian craftsmanship, sprinkled with oriental influences and modern design, Jewels’ Joy first collection, ALBA DI LUNA, is like no other. Choose from any of their eye-catching precious stones, framed by flashes and bolts of light, for an elegant and memorable choice, for an even more unforgettable night out.

If you’re seeking a classic, the wedding collection, is aimed at a sophisticated bride, who desires accessories that work to embellish the beauty of her wedding dress on the most important day of her life. Jewels’ Joy works with embroideries, gems, and flowers in sets of precious bijoux, clutches, gloves and hair accessories to fit any bridal need and aesthetic. Always strongly linked to and proud of its Italian craftsman heritage, the brand’s “My Own Cameo” collection pays homage to an iconic, sought after piece in Italian jewelry tradition – the one and only cameo. In this most recent collection by Jewels' Joy, cameos are modernized with soft and eclectic combinations of precious materials such as Alcantara and fine silk shantung mixed with sparkling crystals, to turn a classic piece into a timeless one, with a touch of modernity.

Jewels’ Joy also takes it one step further, providing the option for an extra little twist on the classic cameo with the “Me & My Cameo” collection. The collection works to honor the relationship between women and their four-legged friends, elegantly placing the embossment of a dog in the center of the cameo, creating a unique and classy way to keep your favorite little companion close to your heart. From Chihuahuas to Dalmatians, you’re sure to find your perfect canine match.

To top it all off, Jewels’ Joy knows no one is fully dressed without the perfect scent, hence launching an Eau de Parfum: Violetta di Parma by Jewels' Joy. A fresh floral scent, accompanied by notes of violet, Jewel’s Joy creates a fragrance that perfectly accompanies its jewels, leaving you always craving more. But don’t think they forgot about the men. Last but not least, the brand introduces their new “Men’s Cameo collection,” featuring cufflinks and bracelets with a masculine cut, embellished with a classically Italian evergreen cameo. Available in different colors, masterfully hand-coated with gleaming enamels or by subtle crystals, the Jewels' Joy cameo becomes an absolute must for the elegant man, harmoniously bringing together any look.