Unconventionally beautiful hats suitable for every taste

Looking for a traditional Sicilian hat? A Sicilian Coppola perhaps? Then look no further than Il Cappellaio Matto. This Italian “Mad Hatter” specializes in handmade hats of all shapes, sizes, and colors. Trust us, hats don’t look bad on you…you just haven’t found the perfect one yet. A perfectly fitting hat is never out of style, and Il Cappellaio Matto has you covered, always rising to the occasion with its impeccable craftmanship. Whether you’re new to the hat game, or simply uninterested in throwing on the same snapback every day, there's a bevy of other styles vying for coveted front-closet real estate. Let Il Cappellaio Matto help you find them.

While you may initially be drawn to classic style as the safest, most approachable option, perhaps some part of you is intrigued with the slightest curiosity to branch out. If a plethora of hats you'd never previously consider wearing are suddenly looking a whole lot more enticing, perhaps Il Cappellaio Matto is the brand for you. What, after all, is fashion if not one long opportunity to play and explore the confines of our own creativity? And where better to dive in than stunning Sicilian hat styles?

There really is something for everyone. From safari hats - a not-so-distant cousin of the humble bucket – featuring a signature adjustable drawstring, to traditional snapbacks, trucker hats, you name it. Each style reflects the essence of the collection: versatility mixed with artistry. Even if you play it safe and opt for a bucket hat – an all-time favorite – you’re still sure to be impressed with the exquisite fit and craftsmanship. With a lightweight feel and array of colors, say goodbye to any and all style woes. 

Looking to stick out of the crowd a little? Why not a beret? Though not the most conventional of caps, that’s exactly its appeal, and Il Cappellaio Matto presents an enviable collection of this fashion staple. Now’s the time to branch out a little, and this hat maker leaves no excuse not to embrace your inner Italian gent.  Or perhaps you’re looking for the perfect accessory to accompany a classic suit? What sounds more appealing than a breathable open weave to fit that bill?

The Panama hat has long been associated with tropical leisure time, but for Il Cappellaio Matto, this statement piece is an all-year round companion for whatever situation. Or maybe walk it back a few steps, to a more classic fedora, hitting about 4.5 inches high, with a crease along the length of the hat, topped off with a chic ‘pinch’ towards the front. Though the high-end felt, wool, or leather designs transcend any season and can be worn year-round, Il Cappellaio Matto’s innumerable options and customizable philosophy offers an abundance of choice of materials so you can arrive in style no matter the season. Whatever you settle on, your closet will thank you.