Sartorial ready-to-wear infusing craftsmanship with timelss minimalism

What happens when you mix timeless and tasteful modernity with a pop of contemporary new art flair? Say hello to #Hashtagmart – a women’s ready-to-wear staple you can’t miss out on. Traditionally contradicting fashion choices aren’t always a faux pas. #Hashtagmart leans into them, using them as an aesthetic leitmotiv, and birthing a trademark style rich in high-concept designs that forge a strong connection between natural creativity, know-how, quality, and craftsmanship.

The impeccably tailored designs of #Hashtagmart are, of course, handcrafted in Italy, more specifically in the historic Veneto region. But don’t be fooled, there’s nothing traditional about these designs, each conceived as an art object both to wear and admire. You’ll be initially seduced by eye-catching color schemes - from saturated lilac, blues and pinks to the muted black-on-white transitional shades – then really fall in love with the cut and fit. The silhouettes are modern, bridging the space between all eras of fashion.

From the design all the way to the finished product, each step of the process is meticulously executed. Fabrics are carefully outsourced, then tailored to the highest standards of Italian excellence. #Hashtagmart knows the value of simplicity and purity of form, even in the most groundbreaking of designs. With focus on construction and deconstruction, zip, raw cuts, knots, and other architectural features to create refined collections that are exciting, yet maintain an austere respect for quality. #Hashtagmart reflects on the refined beauty of Italian art, all while modernizing it to today’s world.

The fuss, no frills, no excess – #Hashtagmart is all about confident, decisive lines. Perhaps an occasional flash of bold color, though always paired alongside staple subtle shades of blue, gray, and black to contrast the modern cut. The #hashtagmart woman is multifaceted, and cannot be boxed into one category. She is bold, confident, and daring. She is also sensitive with a taste for refinement and simplicity. Flirty off-shoulder constructs combine with wide straps, gathered hemlines, and sporty silhouettes that could weather any storm. A hood that hides away and an unconventional trouser hem. Full button-front dresses and reflective piping, pointed seems, plunging necklines, and deep side slits on three-quarter skirts.

Traditional quilting and majestic draping give way to a feminine waistline that can be worn in a multitude of ways. After all, fashion is art, and wearing #Hashtagmart means wearing a piece of modern art — from its first impact to the last, the trademark design presents a sartorial philosophy respectful of elegance, yet breaking just enough rules to keep it spicy. The magic is born from the unexpected, mixed in with established tradition. Daring contours and unflinching solid colors keep you on your toes, creating the alluring profile of a style that knows the way forward – always thrilling, never boring. And above all, always Made in Italy.