Luxury maison celebrating female sensuality

Founded by Gretel Zanotti, the eponymous Gretel Z brings form and artistic expression to a line of exquisite dresses, separates, and coats that celebrate female identity. Despite her young age, Gretel Zanotti interprets fashion and design as the intimate essence of the hidden “I”. Her process is an artistic endeavor, a dedicated and studious methodology that traces history of art with a particular interest in the Renaissance. Creative and talented, thanks to her artistic training, she approached the world of fashion and decided, at just 20 years of age, to embark on a journey aimed at capturing and relaying the material representation of her artistic vision, which she channels through refined creations and high quality tailoring.

Positive and determined, and endowed with a sensitive soul, Gretel Zanotti decided to literally unveil herself, by transferring her strong, yet fragile personality into her creations, to mirror her idea of femininity and delicate sensuality. The combination is both vulnerable and magnetic, drawing from a wide range of eclectic representations in her favorite works of art, to capture the details of a painting, a photograph, a sculpture, an architectural design, and skillfully adapting it as a source of inspiration.

The creative process begins with the interest in a particular artist, a designer or a contemporary work. The study and research of dominant leitmotivs and the various forms of expression are then reinterpreted through her creative flair and transferred, by adding personal signifiers, to a specific identity that resonates in the world of contemporary women's fashion. The silhouettes and the cut of the clothes are all Made in Italy to the exacting standards of quality and impeccable craftsmanship. Each garment is tailor-made using precious fabrics and exquisite materials, which, once combined with the company’s original creative techniques, give life to an elegant, yet simple, and minimalist staple.

Born Donna Gretel Zanotti, the woman behind the brand displays her character and confidence by being aware of her own shyness and fragility, which, much like her clothing line, she overcomes with fearless elegance. She’s a classy woman who knows how to seduce without having to reveal too much. She is honest, practical, forward thinking and focused. Attentive to every detail, she guarantees that Gretel Z’s highest quality products combine the best fabrics with the skilled experience of the precious craftsmen who work on executing each design. In essence this is the legacy of the brand and what Donna Gretel Zanotti is committed to is ensuring that the skills of the craftsmen are not only transmitted, but also developed, and modernized.

The couture creations of GRETEL Z. are a contemporary reinvention of savoir-faire — each garment is unique, especially created for a cognizant clientele in the tradition of true Italian tailoring. Gretel Z products are 100% Made in Italy and handmade to order.