Precous handmade ties celebrating Sicilian excellence

"Style and elegance" are key words for this menswear staple of Sicilian haute couture. G Gregory has been an exclusive tailor shop and cultural reference in Valguarnera, Palermo, and Catania since 1993. From suits to shirts, from ties to accessories, G Gregory instills a love for beautiful fabrics and a commitment to centuries old craftsmanship in every creation. With passion and experience, the tailors combine art, culture, and tradition to give life to a unique garment that’s become an emblem of Made in Italy craftsmanship, creativity and Sicilian tailoring.

Each jacket, suit, shirt and tie is made, cut and sewn in the tailor shop. Understanding a client’s every need, the tailors at Gregory are able to advise on the choice of fabric, the model, measurement, signature and cut, including the sewing, ironing and finishing touches. The work and the expertise of the skilled craftsmen and tailors at Gregory have made it a reference point well beyond the island of Sicily. In 2020, the company was named "most recommended and best rated companies" by Wedding Awards 2020.

Classic suits are considered the highest expression of craftsmanship, and elegance. Gregory creates classic formal suiting with traditional lines and a timeless look. Selecting fabrics from the best Italian producers is one of the most important steps. Tailors are on hand to offer advice on the finest wools, silks and cottons which have been carefully selected from the most prestigious Italian mills at Ermenegildo Zegna, Loro Piana, Testa, Albini and Leggiuno, which have also created customized designs exclusively for Gregory. Attentive to each detail — the fabric, the finishes, each modification and customization, is developed to meet a client’s every need and expectation.

When it comes to custom made shirts, clients can take advantage of the tailor’s experience and skills to create the shirt that best suits their style — elegant or casual, a Gregory shirt is long lasting and guaranteed to flatter the body. The same experts can help choose from a slim, regular or classic fit, help select the type of collar which includes a French collar, elegant and formal at the same time; an Italian collar, versatile and suitable for any style; a button down, semi-closed and ideal for casual wear or the fully open collar. And finally, the cuffs, to give life to a quality shirt that is personalized and irreplaceable.

Personalized and rigorously handmade, Gregory ties are renowned for their high quality and the ability to best represent masculine elegance. Whether it is a solid, or print tie or one embellished with special embroidery or joists, like all the offerings at Gregory, the tailors ensure it will be attuned to their client’s exacting expectations.